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The Design Process

Things go successful when planned well! We work on our carefully designed working plan. Working properly involves some procedures which make productive results.

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Nothing goes right if things are not negotiated properly. The first step of our working plan is to let you sign up here. Signing up on our website helps you to interact with our representatives online. It also lets you know more about us. Once you sign up with your profile, you are then informed about the various packages and services we are offering. You may also get answers to your FAQs here.

When you sign up your profile, your site then goes live and you are liable to pay 50% upfront of the total balance.  The hosting charge also begins after signing up. We assist you here too! You can make payments through debit cards, credit cards or bank transfers, depending on your feasibility. You may then experience further steps then.


Any work is incomplete without doing thorough research. Once you sign up, you get in touch with us. We direct you to fill a specially made questionnaire to let you elaborate on your demands. This questionnaire will assist you in conveying exactly what you want and what are your demands.

Submitting the questionnaire if then followed by doing research. Our research tactics involve studying latest trends, what’s latest in the market, any previous work that can be taken as examples (remember that studying similar things does not mean copying anything, it’s just taking an idea). Such tactics may help us put your work to the next level.



The next step of our working strategy is to work on the design. Our representative will present a design for your desired item. The design will be suggested that will best suit your requirements. The building process only commenced after you carefully review the offered design. For this purpose, you are required to revise it appropriately until you sign off your profile. Once the design offered is approved and we proceed towards our building step, any changes in the design may cost additional charges.


The next step is to build your website after the approval of the design. This step may include implementing the design and coding, making the website responsive and mobile friendly. This may assist you in accessing the website through all digital devices and gadgets. In the building process, you will be directed to provide the content of every page or segment. In case of building an e-commerce website, you will be directed about how to put categories and subcategories and products as well along with their description and further details.



Once the website is designed and built well, now the website is ready to be launched! We provide assistance in launching your website. If you already own a website domain, we will undergo and provide several options to recommend the optimum domain configuration for your work. Apart from this, whether you own your domain or not, or whether you want to own a new one, we access Google to let it re-index your website, which may help you grab more audience.


Our responsibility is not restricted to just building and launching the website. We are available for you even after your website goes live.  We offer the best support and assistance to you to improve more and more or when you face any sort of issue. Also, if you do not want to have guidelines through CMS, we will negotiate and go through hourly charge method. Above all, we also put forward SEO services to make you rank your website high on Google and to grab the attention of more audience. In a whole, we are here for you when you want to change or modifies.


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