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Security plugins for WordPress


As everyone knows that WordPress is a good Content Management System to design and keep the website active for a prolonged time. If you are working at such a versatile pattern for a broad purpose, you may definitely require seeking and applying active security measures to protect your stuff from getting hacked or spammed. One reliable way to secure your WordPress is to install or update security plugins. Although WordPress has its own protective features, you may require further and advanced features to play safe and sound. Using security plugins can assist you in getting more reliable features such as protection from force attacks, proper monitoring, notifications and scanning, malware scanning, site firewalls, and overall security strengthening.

Here are a few top security plugins that are used more frequently.

WP security & firewall

WP and firewall act like all in one security plugin due to the various features it offers. It is easy to access and use even if you rarely know about tech skills. It is easy to see and amend any corrections that are required, as it is visually based. Its grading system let you know about which areas in WordPress are well protected and on which areas you require to work more.

WP security and firewall enable protection against blue force login attempts; secure your account, user details. This plugin also protects your WordPress database. It also enables you to blacklist any username or IP address from which you feel insecure. Apart from these advantages, it contains a built-in scanner feature to make you sure your site is well secured. Above all, this security plugin is free to download!

iThemes Security

iThemes also provides good support and database management features for your site. Its simple version is available for free. However, it’s pro version has more modified features and is available at affordable prices.

The pro version too offers benefits such as the provision of high password protection, database protection, and safety against brute force attacks, providing two-factor verification, movement of a login page and much more to discover.

Sucuri Security

This plugin is absolutely free of cost and is made by a professional team of WordPress developer and security. After you install Sucuri, it will scan all the corrupt or weak content on your site automatically. You may later restore your site after scanning to keep it in good condition. Apart from scanning and cleaning, it will be responsible for frequent malware scanning and monitoring. Apart from this, it will reinforce your current security protocols to make security stronger.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence security is also one of the most demanded free plugins for WordPress. It also prevents your site from getting force attacks. Wordfence also offers security monitoring, IP blacklisting, login security, and a firewall. It also gives a good database to offend already blocked IP addresses and websites.

The simple version is free of cost, as stated above. However, it’s premium version is not so costly. The premium one has more modified features to further provide active security to you.

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