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Tips to secure WordPress website


WordPress is one of the most popular online forums to get started with website making development. A number of website users choose WordPress to do their activities online such as SEO handling, content, blog writing, and website designing and development  and so on. This is because WordPress is used importantly for Content Management System.

However, your WordPress website can become a victim of hacking and spamming. It is necessary for you to be aware of them and apply some security measures before you get into any trouble situation. Here are a few tips that can protect your website from hacking and spamming.

Lockdown feature

Setting up a lockdown feature on your WordPress profile can prevent the hackers to invade or force log in your profile. Your site will be locked when repetitive login actions are done by the hackers and you will get notification of such unauthorized activity. This feature can be like a life-saving feature for you..

Two-factor authentication

Your website is highly needed, as you are using your website to promote your businesses and make money. You cannot take even a minor risk to let others take your information. The two-factor authentication module is another good reliable idea to protect your website.  Apart from creating a password, the user can choose anything such as asking a secret question, giving verification number or code to the phone number or email that you have given in the details, or any other feature you can host. Even though the hacker finds it successful to put the correct password, he/she may get trouble in verifying the profile. .

Email ID instead of other usernames can be more reliable!

Instead of having usernames to log in your profile on WordPress, try using an email address for signing up. It is because usernames are easy to predict or estimate, unlike email address.  This idea will also be helpful in your other profiles as well, besides WordPress. Also, some people put admin as the username, which is also not advisable. For the sake of your website, kindly make frequent changes in it..

Playing with the passwords

Try making a strong password for your website. Avoid adding your usernames in your passwords, as they are easy to guess. Try using a variety of symbols and letters such as upper case, lower case, etc. Besides, it is also recommended to change your passwords more frequently. Even though the hacker or spammer manages to know your password, you may face fewer hassles by strengthening the passwords.

Disabling editing option

Once you start working with WordPress, you are allowed to edit your theme and plugin. Once your website goes live, it shows an option for editing. It is suggested to kindly disable that feature otherwise your theme and plugin can be edited! Hacker may put coding in your theme and plugin and you may miss any information from the website. Disabling that option can be life-saving!

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