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Top web designing trends in 2019


New Year has come up with new ideas, innovations and there is so much to explore and utilize our creativity in it. More people have started taking interest in becoming more aware of digital marketing company and related terms. Although some creative successful trends of 2018 are still in use, more designs have been introduced these days. Let’s have a look at some of the new web design ideas.

Attractive color palettes

It is predicted that bright colors will be more popular on the websites this year. Attractive background, funky animations, appealing illustrations, all these can remain famous this year. You need to design your palette well to improve your website, so you do will not have to make a new one again. At first, bright palettes first become famous with flat designs. Now, they are mostly embellished with vibrant designs and animations.

Content that makes you feel!

Website designing need to develop an emotional linkage with their customers, otherwise, they can face problem in grabbing the attention of more customers. Emotions that can be expressed are fear and anger, trust, joy, happiness, sadness, surprises, anticipations, etc. website and application developers can express these emotions in their content; in their blogs, visuals, photos, advertising and so on. apart from the written stuff, the graphics, illustrations, and videos will let you feel this is made especially for you! As the audience will be emotionally inspired by the content, they will be pleased to see more and more.
More realistic than imagination

Most of the illustrations

Animations or, etc. displayed on the website nowadays are three dimensional. This idea appeals so much to the viewers that such illustrations look exactly real.
Animations, surreal & abstract illustrations.

Just posting text and photos are not enough; they may give a dull look. Designers are now working to show animations designed for certain purposes. Especially when you are about to make an educational website, animations become a necessary thing to consider, as animations help in the understanding of ideas more easily, they engage the readers in a better manner.

Apart from animations, surreal and abstract designs are becoming even more popular and it is predicted that they will remain in style this whole year too. It is because of the incredible impact such images create. As I have mentioned before that the website designers will add elements that will be a cause of emotional attachment, surreal and abstract images will let the viewers feel and relate the images with themselves. Even influences on social media use such image to fully connect them with their ideas, this grabs the viewers’ concentration a lot.


A number of mobile applications have voice over features. People use voice to text feature to facilitate themselves in searching for their desired topic. Moreover, voice over and prototyping are predicted to be more renowned in the coming months as well. This contributes a lot in making healthy interactions online.


Fonts and serifs

Apart from designing, images and animations and voices, serifs and vintage typography can be more accepted in 2019. Also, there can be variety in fonts, like in default fonts, making the appearance of the text and the website a bit classy and charming.


Chat box

We usually see chat options on social media only. Fortunately, this feature will also be popular on the websites as well. the customers will easily contact and talk to the representatives online through the official websites. This will also let the clients find answers to numerous queries. The chat box is expected to be dominant and an essential element of the website.


Logo Designing

a logo is a symbolic representation of any business or the company. A creative logo means a lot in getting attention and in persuading people. This year, more varieties in logo designing features are expected to be popular, such as simple typography, bright colors, geometric shapes, illustrations in the letters and others.


Customized Themes

Popular themes of 2019 are predicted to be focusing more on niches, speed, refined styles. some of the examples of common themes of WordPress are ultra (made by theme), (education WP), consulting, bibber and so on with suitable color effects.

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