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How are web hosting and domain name dissimilar?

web hosting

The domain name and web hosting, both are the terms you will see whenever you see stuff about web designing and development. However, both are different in their nature and purposes. As I have discussed much the digital and social media marketing in my previous blogs, now I felt the need to explain further terms related to digital marketing and website development.

Before proceeding further, let us know what is a domain name and web hosting individually, so you may know the difference between them.

Domain name

A domain name gives recognition to your site. Just like you give a name to your social media accounts to let people approach you, a domain name is basically the address of your website. People can type your domain address in the search engine to visit your site.  It works the same as what the other addresses are used for. You do not have to remember a long IP address. Instead, you just have to remember short domain names.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the place or the location where all your website files are placed. For example, if your domain name is the address of your home, then web hosting is your actual home. When anyone searches your site by writing domain name, your domain name is translated into the IP address of the computer from which you have done your web hosting. The hosting computer stores the files of your website. Those files are sent back to the browser of the user. The data storing and handling is done through web hosting.

 Are web hosting and domain names related?

As discussed above, both web hosting and domain names are entirely different in their functions and specifications. However, both are necessary for web development. Both things work together to make and maintain the website. Web hosting enables the user to make the website and store all the relevant files. Without web hosting, you cannot make your website. On the contrary, without domain names, you will not be able to reach your target audience, as the viewers will not be capable of finding your site.

It is, therefore, essential to own both the domain names and web hosting. You can easily buy a domain name, but what will you show on your site if you do not have a problem web hosting system? You can purchase both web hosting and domain names either from the same company or from different companies. However, you should buy both from the same trusted company to avoid troubles and hassles. You can contact us for more details and order.


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